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2024 Super Bowl MVP odds: Value to be found ahead of conference championship games

2024 Super Bowl MVP odds: Value to be found ahead of conference championship games

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With the conclusion of the wild card round, Super Bowl MVP odds have shifted for players on the remaining teams. But the ones in the spotlight haven’t changed. Quarterbacks lead the way on betting boards.

But that doesn’t mean you should focus on quarterbacks. While six of the last ten Super Bowl MVPs were quarterbacks, two defensive players and two wide receivers also won.

There is risk involved in betting on anyone at this stage of the playoffs, of course. Several longshots could be worth taking a flyer on. Let’s take a look at the latest Super Bowl MVP odds.

Latest odds to win Super Bowl 58 MVP

Much like betting boards for NFL MVP, quarterbacks dominate the top of Super Bowl MVP oddsboards. But a wide receiver won it in two of the last five, and it hasn’t been that long since a defensive player has (Von Miller, Super Bowl 50).

Here are the latest odds from the top NFL betting sites:

Making a case for the quarterbacks is easy. After all, six of the last 10 Super Bowl winners were the No. 1 seed for their conference. 

The following trends may help you narrow down your choices:

  • Winners by position:
    • quarterbacks (32)
    • wide receivers (8)
    • running backs (7)
    • defensive players (linebacker: 4, defensive end: 2, safety: 2, cornerback: 1, and defensive tackle: 1)
  • Desmond Howard is the only special teams player to win MVP (Super Bowl 31).
  • Teams were not seeded in the postseason until the Super Bowl 10 season. Since then, the eventual winner was a (SB of most recent winner in parenthesis):
    • No. 1: 26 times (Super Bowl 57)
    • No. 2: 10 times (Super Bowl 54)
    • No. 3: 2 times (Super Bowl 41)
    • No. 4: 6 times (Super Bowl 56)
    • No. 5: 2 times (Super Bowl 55)
    • No. 6: 2 times (Super Bowl 45) 
  • This is the first season that a No. 7 team has advanced past the wild card round
  • Both No. 1 seeds made it to the Super Bowl three times in the last 10 seasons (SB 57, 50, and 49).
  • At least one No. 1 seed made it to the Super Bowl in eight of the last 10 seasons.
  • The last time a wild card team (No. 5-7) made the big game was Super Bowl 55 (Buccaneers, No. 5 seed).
  • Prior to the Buccaneers making and winning Super Bowl 55, the last time a wild card made the big game was Super Bowl 45, the No. 6 Green Bay Packers. 
  • The NFC leads the all-time Super Bowl series vs. the AFC, 29-28.
  • Six of the last 10 Super Bowl winners have come from the AFC.

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Bet(s) to consider

Lamar Jackson

Brock Purdy

Patrick Mahomes

Jared Goff

Quarterbacks from the top contenders certainly deserve consideration. Out of the last ten Super Bowls, 18 of 20 teams playing in the game were a No. 1 or No. 2 team in the playoffs, and six of the last ten Super Bowl MVPs were quarterbacks.

While the Chiefs are the No. 3 team from the AFC, you never want to count Patrick Mahomes out until the Chiefs are eliminated.

As for the Lions, they have the right combination of offense and defense to make it to the Super Bowl and win. Since quarterbacks often get the most credit…

Christian McCaffrey

Brock Purdy is an integral part of the 49ers offense, but McCaffrey is the superstar of the unit. Purdy will have his hands on the ball more, but McCaffrey will make the explosive plays that Super Bowl MVP voters like to see.

Isiah Pacheco

While quarterbacks often win Super Bowl MVP, recent history has shown that voters may be more inclined now than they ever have been to recognize the contribution made by someone else (four of the last ten were not quarterbacks; two wide receivers and two linebackers).

Pacheco has given the Chiefs a legitimate run game. Should he have a 100+ yard day with a touchdown, he’ll be in the conversation. With how the passing game has looked this season, he’ll probably win.

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