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Erik Thun picks Cetasol’s AI solution to boost energy management of 50 ships

Erik Thun picks Cetasol’s AI solution to boost energy management of 50 ships

Home Green Marine Erik Thun picks Cetasol’s AI solution to boost energy management of 50 ships

January 30, 2024,

Naida Hakirevic Prevljak

Swedish shipping company Erik Thun Group has chosen an AI-based solution developed by compatriot company Cetasol to enhance the energy management of nearly 50 vessels.

Erik Thun

As explained, this move underlines Erik Thun Group’s dedication to harnessing advanced technology for reducing emissions and streamlining operational insights.

The solution, iHelm, is an AI-based automatic dynamic modeling of vessels and operations with recorded savings of 10-17% in fuel usage. The selection of iHelm is said to mark an important step in the shipping company’s journey towards enhanced energy management and sustainability.

The order was made after Erik Thun had tested iHelm on its dry cargo vessel Eken. Cetasol’s iHelm system will support Erik Thun’s fleet operations by providing actionable insights and a comprehensive platform for readable and sorted data management.

iHelm features dynamic AI capabilities that adapt to both repeatable and unique maritime operations. The system is not only a tool for energy management but also a robust framework for reducing emissions through smart, data-driven recommendations.

Additionally, iHelm automates the collection and analysis of emission statistics, empowering the Erik Thun Group with actionable environmental data.

“We are thrilled that Erik Thun Group has chosen iHelm to advance their energy management goals. Our solution is designed to transform maritime operations with data that is not just comprehensive but also readable and sorted for effective decision-making. This decision by Erik Thun Group demonstrates a shared vision of operational excellence and commitment to reducing emissions,” Ethan Faghani, CEO of Cetasol, commented on the deal.

With a fleet primarily engaged in Northern European short-sea shipping, Erik Thun Group’s decision to integrate iHelm highlights its proactive approach to operational efficiency and environmental movement in the maritime industry.

“The versatile and easy-to-install hardware makes the system easy to roll out on our fleet of almost 50 vessels. It’s dynamic in connecting to a variety of systems we have across the fleet. With a screen on the bridge, the seafarer can instantaneously see how the fuel consumption comparing to similar trips. With the iHelm software we can collect all data to our office and with the built-in AI tool the analysis can be done and adapt to what suits our needs. We are very happy to take this step with Cetasol,” Henrik Kallsson, Deputy Managing Director of Erik Thun Group, said.

Erik Thun owns and operates around 50 vessels. These are mainly conventional coastal dry cargo vessels, self-unloading vessels, product tankers, and cement carriers.

In related news, Erik Thun recently selected Berg Propulsion’s thrust and fuel optimization software technology to optimize efficiency onboard all ten of its latest newbuilds.

As part of Erik Thun’s rolling fleet renewal strategy, the owner expanded its newbuild program in 2023 with Dutch yard Shipsveerf Ferus Smit B.V to include four 5,100 dwt ’Troll-Max’ dry cargo vessels, as well as six 7,999 dwt coastal ‘Eco Tankers’.

Earlier this month, the company also placed an order for two methanol-ready coastal tankers and two next-generation multipurpose dry cargo ships at Shipsveerf Ferus Smit B.V. in the Netherlands. The vessels are slated for delivery continuously between 2024 and 2027.

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