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Halo Season 2 Trailer Focuses on the ‘Hard Choices’ Humanity Has to Face Before the Covenant Arrive

Halo Season 2 Trailer Focuses on the ‘Hard Choices’ Humanity Has to Face Before the Covenant Arrive

The NFL’s AFC Championship game gifted Halo fans a new look at Season 2 of the Paramount+ series, and it showcases the coming Fall of Reach and the controversial plans that are being put in place before the Covenant arrive.

The trailer focuses not only on Pablo Schrieber’s Master Chief, but also on Joseph Morgan’s James Ackerson. As Captain Jacob Keyes notes, Ackerson is the “boss” and looks to be preparing people for the “hard choices” to come. The trailer continues and shows that everyone isn’t on the same page as each other and gives us a glimpse of the Covenant arriving and the terror that brings.

We’ve already recieved a few looks at this new season, which has its two-episode premiere on Paramount+ on February 8, and part of it looks to tell the harrowing story of the Fall of Reach and focus more on the actual Halo itself.

Not all fans have been happy with the footage shown of Season 2, however, and it’s not so much because of the action on-screen. More so it appears the frustration is with Master Chief not having his helmet on enough.

In response, Schreiber said, “If you don’t agree with the helmet coming off in the show, you don’t like our show.”

In our review of Halo: The Series’ Season 1, we said it “isn’t a perfect adaptation of the games, but it ultimately succeeds in expanding the series’ mythology and taking a more character-driven approach to Master Chief’s adventures.”

For more, check out Schreiber’s comments on arguing against Master Chief’s controversial sex scene and our explainer of the ending of Halo’s first season with 343’s Kiki Wolfkill.

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