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How playoff offenses gameplan for elite defenses with 11-year NFL vet Marshall Newhouse | The Exempt List

How playoff offenses gameplan for elite defenses with 11-year NFL vet Marshall Newhouse | The Exempt List

Charles McDonald

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Charles McDonald is joined by 11-year NFL vet Marshall Newhouse to give an in-depth preview of this weekend’s Conference Championship game matchups by breaking down each offense and how they prepare for the defenses they face. Charles and Marshall start off with looking back at last weekend as they talk about Charles getting called out by Old Takes Exposed for his Detroit Lions draft grade (and how Brad Holmes has built a formidable roster), the guy who looked like Martin Luther King Jr. at the Baltimore Ravens game (and how Lamar is coming into his own as a leader) and Jason Kelce letting loose at the Kansas City Chiefs game (and how the Chiefs defense is still carrying that team through the playoffs).

Later, Charles and Marshall start to look ahead at the remaining playoff teams and how their offenses can game plan for the defenses they’ll be facing. The duo start off by ranking the remaining four offensive lines (Ravens have the top unit), and what makes Trent Williams such a unique weapon along the offensive line. Charles and Marshall also discuss Brock Purdy and the discourse that’s returned around his play, along with how offensive linemen prepare for elite defensive lines like we’ll see in the NFC Championship Game this weekend. The defenses on the AFC Championship teams bring a different challenge, as both defensive coordinators bring exotic blitzes. Marshall walks through how offensive lines build a game plan and set protections when they don’t know who’s coming.

The hosts finish off the show by discussing the Green Bay Packers and their amazing season, as we’re finally seeing the offense Matt LaFleur wants to run.

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1:30 – Funniest stories from the weekend + Divisional Round takeaways

28:20 – Ranking the remaining playoff offensive lines

39:25 – NFC Championship gameplanning

51:10 – AFC Championship gameplanning

56:15 – Jordan Love, Matt LaFleur & the future of the Green Bay Packers

Lamar Jackson in the huddle during an NFL football game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Los Angeles Rams, Thursday, Dec. 10, 2023 in Baltimore. (Michael Owens via AP)

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