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Isreal DMW’s Estranged Wife Hits Back At Him, Accuses Him Of Domestic Abuse: ‘He Thought Doing Little Things For Me Would Cover Up His Demonic Attitude’ 

Isreal DMW’s Estranged Wife Hits Back At Him, Accuses Him Of Domestic Abuse: ‘He Thought Doing Little Things For Me Would Cover Up His Demonic Attitude’ 

Sheila Courage has finally replied her estranged husband, Isreal DMW, the personal logistics manager to singer, Davido.

Isreal had earlier admitted his marriage to Sheila is in trouble, as he recounted how he met his wife and narrated how he upgraded her.

He claimed that after their marriage, Sheila changed and wanted to set standards for him and later fled his house to meet with her prost!tute friend.

Rebuffing claims of physically assaulting her, he laid heavy curses on her and her future spouse.

Now reacting, Sheila revealed how Isreal was spoiling her and her family with gifts in a bid to hide his flaws. She claimed that the 002 performing artiste beat her mother up and took back some of the things he bought her.

She also stated that Isreal can drag her through the mud but she wouldn’t tolerate him trashing her family. She shared on her social media handle:

“I sincerely apologize to any and everyone that my decision on how to go about this doesn’t sit well with (this apology is for people I respect my parents topping the list and every other person).

Now to all of you that are being mad in my DMS just get lost and stay away from what you know nothing about! Gullible clowns

If anything happens to me or any member of my family @isrealdmw should be held responsible!!

Going to my mum’s shop to beat her up. You wan kill pikin kill Mama join? This isn’t even something to be quiet about at this point.

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I’m not here to run y’all whole story of what went down, and what has been going on! The only thing @isrealdmw can brag about and still brags about is the online publicity he has given me that is undisputed.

A lot of you only got to know me during the wedding. Have I always been in the social media space though? Yes, I’ve been a two-time beauty queen and had brands I was working with already! Was my mother ever married to anybody before my dad? NO!

Did anybody deceive Isreal? No. Instead, it’s this man who deceived the whole family!! Especially my father who took a genuine liking to him!!

My papa no be Otedola but we’re comfortable enough for him to be training two of my siblings in renowned private universities, running businesses, and paying every bill that needs attention without begging.

Must I add that I am from a well-respected family? And this man is hell-bent on painting my family what it’s not! Adams Oshiomole and my dad are first cousins for crying out! So me and my family aren’t looking for a “poverty alleviation plan” and even if it cannot be Isreal.

This man saw me for the first time while I was on outreach which beforehand I never knew of his Online presence, he asked for my number which I refused to give but took his instead and never called him (only dropped it off at the follow-up unit).

After which I traveled that very day and wasn’t back till next week and this man dey find me up and down until he got to my dad, he carried all kind of certificates from church claiming to be born again that he’s different.

My father fell for it because he’s our church member and he has done this and that, that very day he told my father that he wanted to marry me. In fact even before he met my dad he told the person who helped him get to my father that he wanted to marry me.”

Israel and Sheila tied the knot on Thursday, October 20, 2022, at a traditional ceremony that was held in Benin City, and two days later, they held their white wedding.

Less than a year after their grand wedding, the couple had parted ways as Controversial Instagram blogger, Gistlover, spilled tea about their breakup.

The blogger claimed that the 02 performing artist and his wife ended their marriage over domestic violence claims and Sheila had returned her bride price.

The couple later confirmed the news after Sheila publicly blasted Israel, for sharing a photo of them from their traditional marriage, calling her his wife.

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