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Krafton wants to deepen AI relationship, franchise out PUBG

Krafton wants to deepen AI relationship, franchise out PUBG

Krafton is aiming to make 2024 a year of scaling up, and part of that will involve getting in deeper with AI.

In a new press release, CEO Changan Kim explained the company will keep investing in deep learning technology. Last summer, it opened ReLu Games with the specific purpose of making deep learning games.

AI’s gained a bigger foothold in the industry, and Kim is far from the only executive who sees it as a golden goose. And like plenty executives, he first sees as an efficiency booster for the workplace.

Currently, Kim wants the technology to be used “more actively” in developing Krafton titles. But his ultimate dream is for it to make “new user-centric experiences,” similar to Sega’s NFT hopes for its Super Game.

What does Krafton want to do with PUBG?

Along with Krafton’s AI plans, Kim said the company would franchise out its popular shooter, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It’s looking at “IP-based product,” which likely includes spinoffs.

Those are common for Battlefield and Call of Duty, which both borrowed from PUBG. Last year, Krafton revealed an extraction shooter called Black Budget, though it’s unclear if that’s a spinoff.

Given the route Overwatch, Counter-Strike, and Smite have recently taken, it could also be a full-on sequel.

Either way, PUBG will grow with an upcoming India-specific mobile game. And with Krafton “increasing internal and external studios and outsourcing,” the battle royale has an eventful future ahead.

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