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Moviehouse chairs find spiritual purpose

Moviehouse chairs find spiritual purpose

One hundred and sixteen chairs from the closed down Rosehll Cinema have changed the appearance and the atmosphere of Living Hope Christian Church in Nemato Township.

CHAIRS FOR PRAYERS: Rosehill Mall owner Freidland together with mall manager Gert Jordaan generously donated 116 cinema chairs and curtains to Living Hope Christian Church in which senior pastor Godfrey Masele said they changed the mood and atmosphere of the blessed place. The cinema was closed down due to poor attendance and the space is currently being renovated for another business. Picture: Supplied

The two cinemas at Rosehill Mall were closed due to poor attendance and the venue is now being renovated for a new enterprise by businessman Warren Friedland.

Mall manager Gert Jordaan believes people prefer to use their smartphones to watch movies.

“We had two Cinemas here, Cinema One and Cinema Two,” said mall manager Gert Jordaan. “Each seated 60 people.”

Television and digital platforms such as Showmax and Netflix meant movie lovers didn’t visit the cinemas anymore. 

“I must have last been to the cinema 20 years ago myself,” Jordaan said. “People don’t go there anymore. It’s only during the holiday time you find a few children.

“So another guy came along from Port Elizabeth and he said he wants to start another business there,” Jordaan continued.

There was a lot of work to be done, including removing the seating.

“We talked with the landlord and said, ‘Can’t you give those seats to somebody? I met with this pastor and said he would talk to other pastors and decide what they are going to do. 

“We gave it to them for free.”

Grateful pastor Godfrey Masele thanked the Good Samaritans on behalf of the church.

“We have been sent to say our gratitude for your generous donation of cinema chairs and curtains,” Masele said. “The church feels honoured to be chosen among many other local churches at Nkwenkwezi location. 

“With your donation, the church appearance has improved, and it is more beautiful. The excitement of the church members and the children inviting their friends to come and visit is overwhelming,” he said.

The Pastor said, “May the showers of God’s blessings be upon your mall, and may and other business ventures you undertake be richly blessed and successful.”

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