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Nationwide Boiler Announces Exclusive Partnership Agreement

Nationwide Boiler Announces Exclusive Partnership Agreement

FREMONT, Calif.July 13, 2022PRLog — Nationwide Boiler Inc., an industry leading boiler rental and sales company, has formalized a partnership agreement to jointly market and sell Superior Boiler’s newly patented DFW boiler design. The partnership grants exclusive rights for Nationwide Boiler to lead the sales and marketing activity for rental boiler applications and other joint projects worldwide, where Superior’s DFW O-type and Ds-type package watertube boilers are specified. The two companies will also work together to jointly promote the sale of all package watertube boilers utilizing the new DFW design throughout California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and the Gulf Coast of Texas.

Nationwide Boiler is already utilizing multiple DFW boilers in their rental fleet, demonstrating one of the major advantages of this enhanced boiler design: higher capacity with a small footprint. “The DFW concept goes back to 2018, working closely with Sundeep Bodapati at Superior, to think innovatively and design a higher-capacity boiler with a small footprint,” stated Larry Day, president and CEO of Nationwide Boiler. “Bodapati’s revolutionary concept not only accomplishes high capacity in a small footprint, but also has the advantages of faster load response, lower thermal NOx and lower rear-wall temperature without compromising boiler efficiency or performance. In the rental business, size and weight are major factors for mobility and freight cost. This new design allows us to get 25% more capacity out of the same footprint, which achieves a major savings in customer shipping cost and delivery time.”

Nationwide Boiler’s extensive rental industry experience and strong global reach paired with Superior Boiler’s proven product line and solid North American presence creates a powerful partnership that will allow customers worldwide to experience the advantages of DFW technology. “Superior and Nationwide share a long and successful history that is only getting better with time,” said Doug Wright, Superior Boiler’s president and CEO. “Nationwide Boiler aligns closely with the company characteristics Superior strives for, including quality first, integrity and customer support. We believe our partnership agreement to promote and sell the advanced DFW design will provide end customers with an exceptional product and a support team they can rely on for outstanding responsiveness and expertise.”

Founded in 1917, Superior Boiler manufactures industrial watertube and flextube boilers, scotch marine and vertical firetube boilers for process steam, hot water, and waste heat recovery as well as high-efficiency, hot water condensing boilers. In addition, Superior offers a full complement of boiler room equipment and parts and provides 24-hour service. With headquarters in Hutchison, Kansas, Superior Boiler has shipped more than 21,000 boilers to customers worldwide. For more information, visit

With a specialty in providing emergency rental boiler equipment, Nationwide Boiler is a full-fledged boiler equipment supplier offering temporary boiler systems, new and used boilers for sale, emissions control with the proven CataStak™ SCR system, and custom control systems and fuel supply skids. Celebrating 55 years in business, Nationwide Boiler is committed to providing customers with 24-hour, responsive technical support and high-quality solutions through their motto of “…Integrity, Dependability, and Real Customer Service.” Learn more at

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