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O.J. Simpson Prosecutor Chris Darden Endorsed by Goldmans for Judgeship

O.J. Simpson Prosecutor Chris Darden Endorsed by Goldmans for Judgeship

O.J. Simpson Prosecutor
Chris Darden Endorsed by Goldmans …
For L.A. Judgeship Race

2/5/2024 2:42 PM PT

One of the prosecutors who was on the O.J. Simpson case is now trying to put on a robe and sit behind the bench — and he’s got the backing of one of the victims who was slain.

Chris Darden is running for an open seat on the L.A. County Superior Court — and ahead of election day in March, his campaign has announced a new endorsement … coming from none other than Kim and Fred Goldman, the sister and father of the late Ron Goldman.

Kim says of CD’s bid … “Christopher Darden was a friend to my family during one of the darkest times in our lives. He helped change the focus of a ‘celebrity murder trial’ and made it about the victims.”

She adds, “My family has never forgotten that, and I am sure it is remembered by countless other family members for whom he has been an advocate and a champion.”

One last note from KG about Darden … “He not only has the legal skills but also the humanity and empathy for victims, along with a true dedication to ensuring

justice for all. My family wholeheartedly supports him and encourages everyone

else to do the same. He will be an outstanding judge.”

This is just the latest vote of confidence he’s received from someone connected to the O.J. case — which Darden lost alongside his co-counsel Marcia Clark in the ’90s. Back in November, Chris secured another endorsement from one Lance Ito … the retired judge who presided over the double murder trial.

Darden has snagged a number of other endorsements as well in recent months — including a bunch of other judges … as well as his old boss, ex-District Attorney Gil Garcetti.

He seems to have a good shot at winning — only two other candidates are running for Seat No. 130 … and Chris has a ton of support carrying his sails at this point. The one person who hasn’t come out for him just yet is Marcia herself.

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She might still be licking her wounds from that case … but Chris is ready to turn the page and take on a new challenge. The election for this judgeship in L.A. is on March 5.

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