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RPGCast – Episode 493: “Skunk Trapper”

RPGCast – Episode 493: “Skunk Trapper”

I’m wondering if I should stop leaving comments. Ever since I plucked up the courage to do so that’s about the time that whenever I’d find a new game I love or really enjoy then the cast comes back to me every week to tell me how it ranges from “meh” to “garbage” XD

I’m gonna be the weirdo who says how much he enjoys Anthem. I haven’t enjoyed a looter shooter this much since the days of Borderlands 2 or, more recently, The Division. The game is gorgeous, the combat is super fun, the four javelins give plenty of diverse and unique skills and armaments, and I love coming back to Fort Tarsis and talking to the citizens there. They’re slowly becoming like my new Mass Effect Normandy family. Owen is clearly best character, and I call dibs on Ryssa Brin as my waifu (her social awkwardness is *adorable*!)

It’s story is less than compelling, I’ll admit. It serves as more of an excuse to get you out there and shooting things than a reason to care what’s going on, but the colorful group of people back in Fort Tarsis and super fun gameplay totally makes up for the game’s shortcomings, imo.

QOTW: My knee jerk reaction is to scream, “NONE! Please no!,” but if I had to choose one I’d have to say Radiata Stories because I’d love a 2 hour movie about a young man who walked around town kicking people until they got so annoyed they got into fights with him. And then there’s a random cameo from Lenneth Valkyrie just because and then he wins at everything in life when the young man recruits her. At least that’s how I remember the game going XD

Ooh, or how about Eternal Sonata! A 2 hour fever dream occurring during the last moments of Chopin’s life could be all kinds of fun and trippy.

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