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Salaam Takaful Empowers Farmers through a Strategic Partnership with National Foods

Salaam Takaful Empowers Farmers through a Strategic Partnership with National Foods

Salaam Takaful Limited and National Foods recently signed an MoU to commence a strategic partnership to provide Parametric-based Crop Takaful coverage to farmers. Under this partnership, a pilot project will be conducted in Sindh region, that provides comprehensive weather-related risk coverage for tomato farmers.

Speaking about the partnership, Mr. Rizwan Hussain, Managing Director & CEO of Salaam Takaful Limited, stated, “We are excited to join forces with National Foods. By combining our expertise, we aim to provide farmers with comprehensive and accessible Islamic insurance coverage, safeguarding their livelihoods and enabling sustainable growth in the agricultural sector. This is in line with our vision of creating a robust ecosystem to make farmers resilient against climate change under UNSDGs 2, 3, 8, 11, 13 and 17”

Mr. Abrar Hasan, CEO of National Foods, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “Through this pioneering initiative, National Foods aims to bolster the resilience and prosperity of our farming communities. This partnership will not only safeguard the livelihoods of individual farmers but also enhance the stability and sustainability of the entire agricultural value chain.”

Previously, Salaam Takaful has created strategic alliances, including a flagship project with Syngenta Pakistan, supporting wheat and maize farmers in multiple regions, and a pioneering partnership with Jazz Cash for nationwide Islamic insurance solutions for farmers. Salaam Takaful is also in the process of integrating parametric solutions into Digitt Plus’ platform, has extended coverage to potato farmers with Fauji Fresh n Freeze in Okara and Multan, and collaborated with Hamara Kissan Pvt Ltd for sunflower growers in Sindh. Further partnerships with Digital Dera and Concave Agri enhanced weather risk coverage, while participation in the InsuResilience Global Partnership underscores Salaam Takaful’s commitment to sustainable insurance solutions.

Salaam Takaful, a leading takaful operator, is revolutionizing agricultural insurance with its Parametric Crop Takaful, ensuring farmers’ financial security through trigger-based automatic claim payouts. Collaborating with stakeholders across the agricultural value chain, Salaam Takaful actively contributes to financial inclusion and resilience among farmers.

About Salaam Takaful Limited:

Salaam Takaful is the largest general takaful operator and first Islamic insurtech in Pakistan. It has a comprehensively diversified product portfolio including, but not limited to, motor takaful, health takaful, crop takaful, travel takaful, livestock takaful, fire takaful, marine takaful, etc. Along with offering traditional products, Salaam Takaful is the pioneer in introducing technology driven and parametric-based insurtech solutions in Pakistan.

About National Foods:

National Foods is a versatile Food Company with over 250 products for the domestic market and over 100 different products for the international markets. It provides innovative food products based on convenience and fast preparation in line with modern lifestyles and yet retains traditional values through its impressive collection of food products.

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