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Shamar shames them Down Under

Shamar shames them Down Under

With some lyrics like this in the gayelle to go,

Fast bowlin’ dong to yuh West Indian big toe:

“In the last rites over, with ah two-nil in sight

Mr Smith ship sink, ‘marooned’ short of a century,

As by a toe-nail, de Windes championed this fight!”

With Commentary as follows:

One game lost

Two Aussie wickets down

Three days gone in this Test

Four for 113, as Windes get a Head

Five for 132, as they clean up de Marsh

Six for 136, as Windes Carey on

Seven for 171, a Starc reality

Eight for 175, as Cummings was going

Nine for 191, now de Aussies Lyon down

Then Shamar de Shamer knocks on ‘wood

And his seven for 68 is Time Toe Celebrate!


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