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Three-runway project not delayed, government says

Three-runway project not delayed, government says

The Transport and Logistics Bureau on Friday said the three-runway system project at Hong Kong International Airport, which is due for completion this year, is not being delayed.

It made the comment in response to media enquiries about a Bloomberg report on Friday, which claimed that the airport’s second passenger concourse would not be in use until as late as 2026.

A spokesman for the bureau said there was absolutely no question of delay to the project and that any such allegation was groundless. It said the Airport Authority was taking forward the project at full steam, according to schedule.

The bureau said the Airport Authority had a clear target to complete all the projects buildings and infrastructure work within 2024. It also said the authority would open relevant passenger facilities progressively in light of passenger traffic demand.


Last updated: 2023-02-03 HKT 09:00

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