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Uber Driver Picks up 88-Year-Old Man and Then Quits Her Job to Take Care Of Him

Uber Driver Picks up 88-Year-Old Man and Then Quits Her Job to Take Care Of Him

Most fairy tales don’t begin with the words, “There was an Uber driver who quit her full-time job.” But this story does have a gal and a guy and a very happy ending! The kingdom is a regular home in Canal Winchester, Ohio, and the relationship is a friendship instead of a romance. And, the best and biggest difference is that this account is not make-believe. Every wonderful word is true!

Let’s start with a woman named Jenni Tekletsion. Born in Ethiopia, Jenni emigrated to the United States twenty years ago. 52-year-old Jenni has built a full life, raising two children with her husband, earning college degrees, and attaining a satisfying career with Prime Technologies.

In addition, Jenni drives an Uber in her spare time. She drives for a variety of reasons. In addition to simply helping others, she sends the money she makes to an orphanage in her home country, and she uses her driving jobs as a “vehicle” for sharing the gospel of Christ. During conversations with her riders, she talks with them about family, education, faith, and more.

Way back in March 2020, Jenni got a call from 88-year-old Paul Webb. Paul, who is unable to drive due to the effects of a stroke, needed a ride to get a phone repair. Jenni provided that ride, and the two immediately formed a connection.

Jenni said, “I had a feeling that he needed help.” Jenni offered to help Paul with all of his errands, saying, “From now on, when you need a ride, just call me. I will take care of you.” Paul did just that!

Uber Driver Quits To Become Caregiver

Soon, the two were seeing one another regularly, either visiting at his home or enjoying lunch out together. By the time Paul’s health started to decline in April of 2021, Jenni and Paul had become fast friends. It was then that Jenni, Paul’s Uber driver, decided to quit her position with Prime Technologies in order to be Paul’s full-time caregiver.

Though she wasn’t able to care for her own aging father in Ethiopia, she could help Paul. While this resulted in a 50% pay cut for Jenni, she found her new role far more rewarding than the money she’d been making. Jenni shared, “A lot of people with a lot of wisdom are dying at home alone, so the rewarding part is changing his life.”

When Paul is up to it, he and Jenni talk, share meals, and take rides. Jenni keeps Paul company and keeps him safe. Paul’s kids, Keith and Melanie, are extremely grateful for Jenni. Initially, the relationship seemed odd to them, but over time, they learned that Jenni was “the real deal.”

Thank goodness for Jenni and others like her, who value people above things and relationships above financial rewards. For Jenni, it boils down to this. “Sometimes you don’t know what you’re created for. I am created for taking care of others.”

And they lived happily ever after.

“Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.” Proverbs 3: 3

Photo Courtesy: ‘Uber driver quits job to care for an elderly passenger l GMA’/Good Morning America via YouTube/1/31/24 @12pm

Video Courtesy: Good Morning America via YouTube

Originally published on GodUpdates. Used with permission.

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