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WePlay Esports and OTK Establishes Strategic Partnership

WePlay Esports and OTK Establishes Strategic Partnership

OTK nabs WePlay Esports as first strategic partner and investor to expand live event and media capabilities

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Jun 7, 2022 15:00 EDT

LOS ANGELES, June 7, 2022 (

OTK’s live programming capabilities just leveled up thanks to a major strategic partnership deal with WePlay Esports, a flagship company of WePlay Holding. With newfound access to WePlay’s state-of-the-art production facilities, OTK’s gaming and lifestyle content will now feature virtual and augmented-reality technology to complement live audience and mixed-media streaming content. 

The Los Angeles-based WePlay Esports Arena is the company’s first foray into the American market, boasting a 20,000 square foot space and a physical audience capacity of over 100. But mere physical space is no limitation, as the Los Angeles Arena is designed specifically to integrate augmented-reality media and reach a worldwide digital audience.

For OTK’s community, this means a second physical home, purpose-designed to elevate OTK’s content offerings beyond the standard streaming window. For its content creators, the partnership represents a new avenue for creative innovation.

“The augmented and virtual reality capabilities at WePlay Esports add a whole new dimension to collaborative content,” said OTK co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Tipsout. “Content that would’ve normally required participants to be in the same physical space is now remotely accessible.”

Having a dedicated space for OTK to host competitive events is also a major new boon to the partnership. OTK streamer and professional esports host Rich Campbell stated, “We are excited to open the doors of our new home to the OTK community, with plans in store to utilize the space for esports events, live shows, and mixed-reality content.”

Said WePlay Esports managing partner and co-founder Yura Lazebnikov, “We at WePlay Esports have always focused on expanding horizons and partnering with ambitious gaming market members. And we believe that OTK is exactly that!”

“We’ve been working for quite some time before finally launching our WePlay Esports Arena L.A. and are happy it happened with our OTK partners. Hopefully, the stream of June 7, 2022, was just the beginning of a series of our joint initiatives held in and out of our American arena,” said Maksym Bilonogov, chief visionary officer and general producer at WePlay Esports. 

The Los Angeles location will be WePlay’s second major esports arena, with their first being a 10,764 square foot facility in Kyiv, Ukraine.


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ABOUT WePlay Esports

WePlay Esports is a flagship company of WePlay Holding, an esports media group with headquarters in Los Angeles, U.S., and Kyiv, Ukraine. Since 2006, the WePlay brand is well-known for the high-quality organization and broadcasting of esports tournaments. It grew into WePlay Esports, a world-class tournament organizer and production company with studios, talent crews, and arenas operating across multiple continents. 

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