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When a Relationship with a Colleague Goes Sour

When a Relationship with a Colleague Goes Sour

May 16, 2022

Say someone on your team who had previously been friendly turns on you and is now making your life miserable and collaboration nearly impossible. Maybe they won’t respond to your emails or even look you in the eye?

This is the distressing situation that “Cindy,” a listener of another podcast, Women Amplified, found herself in. Host Celeste Headlee, invited Amy Gallo on to help give Cindy advice as part of the show’s series “That’s a Good Question.” Cindy talks to Celeste and Amy about how she doesn’t even know what’s causing the tension. She can’t get answers from her colleague and doesn’t know how to continue working with someone who’s being so difficult.

The approaches that come out of the conversation are ones that anyone facing tension in a work relationship can use to find a way forward.


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