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Young man cries inconsolably after his girlfriend cheated and dumped him (Video)

Young man cries inconsolably after his girlfriend cheated and dumped him (Video)

A young Nigerian man has been captured on tape shedding hot tears after his girlfriend hit him with two heartbreaks in one.

It was gathered that the lady cheated on him with someone else, and interestingly she was the one who proceeded to end their relationship.

In a trending video, the guy could reading the breakup text from her when he suddenly started crying in his friend’s presence. He wondered what he did for her to type such a long heartbreaking message.

The friend asked why he was weeping, in response, he repeatedly told his guy to come and see the WhatsApp messages he just got from his girlfriend that cheated.

Watch the video:

Read some comments below…

@p_well9; 😂😂if you never dey this kind situation you go think say the boy na mumu😭😭

@floraD_explorer; The tin pain this guy gon. this guy fit come wicked tomorrow and nobody go know why he carry Adolph hitler heart take dey follow woman

@lovetrisha630; Ladies,your turn next,it’s this kind of thing that will make a wo6nded guy like this derl with you when he has the opportunity. Make una no laugh this guy o,it’s painful especially if you have invested a lot like guys of nowadays do. But both sxces do same to each other,so 🤷

@iam_Bonex; A boy will finally become a man . I’m sure this will be the last time he’ll ever cry for a woman .

@Brighter6N; Hey man, I know heart break hurts and it’s not easy moving on. Get your ass up and left go.. there are more ass to clap out there. Go get more beautiful girl

@afrisagacity; People will jump to lash out at the young man for expressing himself in such a “lousy” way and that’s wrong.

He’s probably having such an experience for the first time and didn’t know what it feels like to be deeply, emotionally invested in someone and get your feelings punctured in such a way.

That said, he needs to build “mental maturity.” Women are unpredictable, especially in an “undefined relationship.” Hence, once needs to control one’s emotions with sense. Hope this helps.

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