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Alibaba’s Cainiao to Build Air Cargo Hub in Shenzhen

Alibaba’s Cainiao to Build Air Cargo Hub in Shenzhen

On April 3, Cainiao, a Chinese logistics company launched by Alibaba, announced a cooperation agreement with Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport to jointly build the first national air cargo center for Cainiao international express and introduce more international air cargo routes, increasing the capacity of full freighters.

To enhance cooperation between the parties, Cainiao and Atlas Air have launched the China Shenzhen-Brazil Sao Paulo cargo charter flight route. This is the first all-cargo international freight route from Shenzhen to South America. The Boeing 747 all-cargo aircraft operates two flights per week with a load capacity of over 220 tons per flight. It offers transportation services for cross-border e-commerce and general trade goods such as electronics and semiconductors.

After the center is put into use, parcel delivery time will be further optimized. Parcels and goods from Shenzhen and southern China will enter airports faster after being collected by Cainiao’s fast line service, which can directly enter the center for distribution. On the other hand, the center integrates transfer functions that can transport parcels and goods to other ports or airports, improving efficiency.

Cainiao has set up six intelligent logistics hubs worldwide, covering over three million square meters of cross-border warehouses. They use more than 240 chartered planes each month for trunk transportation and collaborate with over sixty global ports to establish an intelligent customs clearance system and build a high-quality global logistics network. Their affordable logistics products are available in twenty countries, helping cross-border merchants reduce shipping costs.

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It is worth mentioning that on March 28, the day after Alibaba founder Jack Ma was reported to have appeared in Hangzhou, the company held a presidential meeting and announced a large-scale restructuring plan: Alibaba will establish six major business groups, which can be independently financed or even listed.

In terms of the expected listing of businesses under Alibaba, Cainiao is highly anticipated by the market. There are reports that Alibaba‘s logistics department is preparing for an IPO in Hong Kong. In response to this, Cainiao stated that there is currently no clear plan to go public.

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