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Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative..

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative..




Hello Stella,

I have a problem i will like you to share with your followers,

My 5 year old relationship just packed, I am tired of these men walking out on me, I have prayed and fasted now this friend of mine is asking me to go and appease my spiritual husband so he can leave me to marry.

 I am scared of doing that kind of thing because i understand it is something I should be doing once in a year, appeasing him once in a year, what if I forgot to do it, what if the woman dies, how am i going to put myself in this bondage? I need advise from your followers to see if this works and if there is any repercussion as I am frustrated and not getting any younger.

Thank you Stella…

WOW…..So you are an Ezewanyi with a husband and you need to appease him in other to leave you alone so that you can marry? How are you sure that it is the reason they are walking out? Have you talked to God? My hand no dey oh, dont go and start what is not as if it is!!!

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