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Get Royalties To Elephante’s New Track With The EDM Producer’s NFTs

Get Royalties To Elephante’s New Track With The EDM Producer’s NFTs

EDM producer Elephante has just announced a partnership with Web3 music rights marketplace Royal. Through this partnership, he is offering fans the Royal rights to his song “Catching On.” Elephante fans have until 8 p.m. ET today to get hold of a percentage of the royalties.

elephante royal catching on
You can now own part of the rights to Elephante’s hit “Catching On.”

About the Elephante x Royal collaboration

Through his collaboration with Royal, Elephante is offering fans the unique opportunity to own part of the royalties of “Catching On.” There are two membership tiers: platinum and diamond. Each level varies when it comes to ownership percentage and additional perks.

“Catching On” has been Elephante’s top-streamed song since 2016. In the last year alone, it has been streamed 2.5M times across different platforms. Therefore, music fans can rest assured that owning this token will give them a return on investment.

The platinum tier is limited to 300 editions and costs $99 apiece. Holders have 0.0727% ownership, have dibs on the next Elephante drop and gain access to the Royal collector Discord channel. In addition, they get exclusive presale access to merch drops and tour announcements, as well as a private download of the Heavy Glow Tour VIP tracks and “Catching On Acapella.”

The diamond tier, which costs $999, is limited to 20 editions. Holders have 0.8080% song ownership of Elephante’s track. In addition to all of the platinum perks, they receive a signed merchandise package and two all-access tickets to a show with a meet and greet. Last but not least, they can also hang out with the artist himself for 30 minutes!

Fans have until 8 p.m. ET to purchase tokens with legal rights. It is important to note that in addition to the holder perks, they will accrue value as the song continues to be streamed.

About Royal

Since its launch in January, Royal has partnered with artists such as Nas, Timmy Trumpet, Diplo, The Chainsmokers, Elephante and more to allow fans to own streaming rights. Undoubtedly, the platform empowers artists and creates a new artist-fan relationship that allows fans to really support their favourite artist.

Each artist determines the percentage of song rights to be put on sale and the added benefits. By tokenizing the song, fans can buy a token and claim a share of the royalties. Just this week, Royal made the first ever artist-to-fan royalty payout in history, totalling $36K in royalties to fans.

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